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A Woman to Know

December 6, 2010

Jacqueline Novogratz Inspires Me

What happens when a woman from the U.S. sees a child in Africa wearing the same blue sweater she had as a child? It changes her whole view of the world.

This is exactly what happened to Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of the Acumen Fund, which combines business and philanthropy to lift people out of poverty. Novogratz’s story is told in her fascinating memoir, The Blue Sweater. You can also hear Jacqueline Novogratz interviewed by Krista Tippett on the NPR radio show, Being, under the title “A Different Kind of Capitalism.”

The different kind of capitalism referred to here is patient capital, or “a debt or equity investment in an early-stage enterprise providing low-income consumers with access to healthcare, water, housing, alternative energy, or agricultural inputs.” (Acumen Fund website)

Watch the short video below to learn more.

If you are inspired by Jacqueline Novogratz and the Acumen Fund, why not make an investment this holiday season. You can also donate in the name of someone else, a truly unique holiday gift.

Donate to Acumen Fund

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