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For the Weekend: Who Inspires You?

November 19, 2010

I write on Squidoo about a myriad of topics. But my very first article on April 7, 2009 was about my top 10 heroes. Not heroes in the traditional sense, these were people that have inspired me over the years, and I limited the list to people I didn’t know personally. They had inspired me through the lives they led, or their art, or ideas, or books. They have made a difference in my life by exposing me to new ideas, new ways of living, or just confirming what I already felt deep inside.

Here’s my original list:

  1. Frederick Franck – Artist, Writer, Genuine Human Being
  2. Thomas Merton – Monk, the go to person for contemplative spirituality
  3. Thomas Berry and Wendell Berry – Ultimate environmentalists
  4. Frank Sinatra and Bono – Musicians extraordinaire plus activism
  5. Ansel Adams – Photographer, Writer, Activist
  6. Donella Meadows – Scientist and lover of the earth
  7. Anne Morrow Lindbergh – Poetic writer and wife of famous aviator
  8. William McDonough – Architectural genius
  9. John O’Donohue – Another poetic writer about all things spiritual
  10. Ken Wilber – Pre-eminent philosopher of our time

The common thread in each of these human beings is that they knew their true calling and lived their lives with integrity and purpose. I have since gone on to write about many other people I admire, including those I know personally.

Being inspired by other people is like souls speaking to each other. It is an intimate form of connection.

As part of Danielle Laporte’s Firestarter Sessions, there is an exercise that asks you to identify the qualities of the people you admire and look for recurring patterns. These qualities are ones that you have in yourself. Do you believe this?

If you were to come up with a list of 10 people (or 8 or 5) who have inspired you, who would be on it? What are the common threads?

Post your list here if you’d like. Did you have trouble coming up with a list?

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